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 "I am more than happy now. Guess what! I now love reading my note books as my hobby. I feel satisfied and the good news is that the subject I didn’t do well in first Continuous Assessment (CA). I did better in the second C.A like mathematics. I now feel mentally alert more than before. In fact to summarize it all I am happier than ever."

“It makes me read for a long time and if I am reading I could understand it. And it also made me to pass other subject that I did not do well in the first continuous assessment.”

“ It has made me to understand easily and to read for long and makes me to like reading books.”

“The IQ makes me to be happy, relax and it makes me to understand.”

“This IQ has really helped me in my reading. I find out that I can read for a very long period of time without even stopping. In fact I have even improved in this my 2nd C.A. I also find out that my heart is used to the word of the IQ.”

“It has improved my reading ability. In the sense it makes me read for a long time. It has made me pass most of the subject."

“My feeling is that whenever I read I remember and understand. I can now read for a longtime and not sleep off. I reason very fast and well before writing my examination and my C.A test.”

 "When we started this program I felt relaxed I do have time to read before but usually don’t. But now I can read for long and I can see changes in my exam (C.A)."

 "I feel so great and like achieving my goal and been the happiest person today and it makes me like ending my examination successfully and promoted."

 "I always feel like reading and when I read I understand what I have read. It makes me to be happy anytime I am in the exam hall. It makes all the difficult subject extraordinarily easy for me."

 "If I read I understand and if I am being asked question I can recall and answer. It has made me to achieve my goal of passing. It has helped me to always remember and not to forget things that they have even taught me 1st time."

"This practical has made a lot of impact in my life. First of all I have to read for a long time unlike before. Secondly I have been able to read, write and summarize my work over and over again. Thirdly, I am now like a “warrior ready for war”. That means that I am not afraid of writing examination. These are impact the IQ practical has made in my life."

 "It makes me feel confident. The fear I have for exam/test has reduced. Now I can read for a longer time."

 "Since I started the IQ I now find reading so interesting and I wish to read more and I can read for long."

"At first I was excited and I knew I was lucky and the impact that happened to my live was that I only read for reading sake but now I read to know and understand and never to forget and I am happy and grateful to God."