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Diligent Care for Creative Intelligence Development (DICIDE) an NGO in Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC, is a leading IQ, Health and Education promotion organization with emphasis on Smarter Maternal Skill for Newborn IQ and Health. Indeed smart maternal skill education is the great strategy toward Smarter Newborn and Smarter Students. Our Initiatives are beyond saving lives, it is about closing the gap between the lowest and highest achievers. It is a human right to be smart and healthy for peace, gender right, education and wealth creation.

Several studies confirm that populations born in the tropics have series of challenges militating against their IQ and health which adversely affect their attitude and wealth. Our Initiative have strategic solutions developed through a scientific study.

THEME: Climatic and Environmental Factors Affecting Health, Learning and Performance... an international survey.


...smarter maternal, newborn and students.

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School IQ enhancing

Smart maternal skill for smarter newborn

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DICIDE work to advance information for child health and intelligence through new high impact, sustainable, cost effective and innovative development programs that are preventive by providing optimal preconception and reproductive health information to prospective mothers. The initiative provides the Knowledge for prospective mothers to boost unborn child immunity and cognitive health at first trimester. The objective is to reduce disease burden and cognitive related issues that jeopardize life expectancy, attitude, economic and academic performance which results to poverty, social vices, early death and extreme hunger in developing countries.


Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria. 

Federal Ministry of Education Nigeria. 

Office of Special Adviser to President Ethics/Values.


Dept. Special Education, Bayero University Kano. 

Chartered Institute of Project Management. 

human right

It is a Human Right to have Newborn Health and Intelligence protected. When planning to have a newborn, it is the parent’s responsibility and obligation to ensure the newborn health and intelligence is protected. Ignorance to this fact is not fair enough; hence prospective parents should make special effort to apply preconception knowledge for a better outcome. Therefore the government policy framework should include preconception education.

Newborn human right starts before pregnancy. Our research revealed great relationship between women preconception right abuses and all human right abuses worldwide. The fastest way to close the gap between the highest and lowest achievers is through promoting preconception education. It is women’s right and child right that starts before pregnancy. It promotes newborn cognition and immune health. Additionally enhances maternal health. Thereby reduces the mortality and morbidity rates associated with maternal and child health in developing countries. Better newborn cognition support smarter attitude and academic performance.

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